Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

Sunday Match Report 25/08 – Chip and Bhups rescue rangers

Sunday’s team were back on the road as we played Old Wimbledonians in Raynes Park. We’ve played there a few times with the last one being a T20 before the World cup final where we took a bit of a hammering.

Dan lost the toss and their skipper elected to Bat having mentioned he was still quite hungover from their big win yesterday. The day didn’t start too well for the Hill, Chip was nowhere to be seen (mentioned he would be a bit late because of football) and Symo had forgotten his spare whites (He lent his to newcomer Dan) so we had to find him some trousers to keep in.

We took to the field with 10 and Ian opening the bowling with KP. Both started well with good lines. Ian had a couple of opportunities but was let down by the catching, a usual Park Hill trait. First Worrell shelled one at slip which looped into the air. Dan at gully used his cat like reflexes and walrus like body to dive forward to get his hands underneath the ball but alas the elbows hit the flow and it popped out to hit him in the throat. The very next ball the same batsman hit the ball to mid off where Bhups was placed on recommendation from Ian but he dropped a chance just over his head.

The first wicket came from a surprise source. The batsman who had a few lives tried to tickle one round the corner and the non-striker was off. Little did he know Dave Lawn was there ready to pounce with a gun arm. He did manage to throw it to the end where both batsmen were standing but luckily Symo lobbed the ball to Ian who took off the stumps. We have all seen those go horribly wrong before but luckily this time it went well.

First changes were Worrell and Barry. Both bowled really well with only 8 men in the outfield (Still no Chip an hour in). Worrell got the 2nd wicket straight after the drinks break with the opening bat finally running out of lives. He bowled him with one that shaped in lovely. Barry was next to join in with getting a young man with an excellent technique out LBW. Symo was scampering for a catch so everyone else in the field presumed it hit the bat. Sorry Barry for not appealing!

Old Wimb came back well with Batsman 4 and 5 putting on a nice partnership with Worrell taking the wicket of batsman No.5 from a regulation caught behind to our keeper Symo

Lawny had a 4 over burst where he was a bit unlucky. His bowling was a lot better than previous weeks but the fielder just kept finding that gap where our extra man should have been. With about 9 overs left Chip finally made it and was made to boundary ride away from everyone to make sure he couldn’t hear the grumbles. KP and Bhups came on to bowl the last few overs with both picking up a wicket each to leave Old Wimb on 183-6 off their 35 overs.

Just before we started our innings Old Wimb provided a cracking tea with service to ensure no one touched the food by hand. Symo was very disappointed that no fingering went on but that something he can use Bumble for.

Went it was time to organise the batting line-up there was the usual panic of who wanted to bat where. After a bit of jiggling it was announced that the returning Rick Goldberg and Mike Worrell opened the batting. Both looked good early on especially Rich in his new glasses. A couple of boundaries early on got the total off to a good start but then Worrell was stumped where he just over-reached for a ball. Next man in was Dan Condon on debut borrowing Symo’s batting gear. After a few swipes he finally connected with one very sweetly to get off the mark with a boundary.

Symo in his….interesting gear

Rich was the next man out getting caught behind for 8. Like the gentleman that he is he walked with Symo not having to raise the dreaded finger. After trying to hide down the order again by trying to time a toilet break, Chip went in at 4 trying to stop the nosebleed from batting that high. The panic really kicked in but not from Chip but from Ian who had to take the scoring over from Dan.

Usually calm with scoring he was completely thrown by having to keep the electronic scoreboard up to date. Luckily some of the Old Wimb fans knew how to use it so could help but the relief of the man after the game was there for all to see. He said he didn’t want to score ever again but having realised that meant he may have to umpire he changed his statement and said never score again with an electronic scoreboard.

Back to the game, Dan C managed to hit another boundary to take his total to 8 before being bowled. Bhups was next in and from there the game was a foregone conclusion. Chip very much the aggressor by bringing up his 50 with a 6. He argues that he was on 50 way before then but Ian was sobbing into the scorebook by this point so there was no going back.

Bhups was very calm with his batting just hitting and the odd bad ball for a boundary. They were going with no problems whatsoever until we needed 4 to win. Bhups having been so patient all game decided to try and win it with a 6 and ended up getting bowled in the process.

This sent a livid Dan R into bat. With nothing to gain and everything to lose he met a gleaming Chip there who was offering his services to run whenever needed. After all the run outs the day before Dan wasn’t sure but luckily the second ball he got a beamer to the head which in usual fashion was tickled round the corner rather than a big six. With Chip on strike and needed two to win, he clubbed the next ball 4 to win which meant…


Thank you to all who played. It was a really good atmosphere in the field and was nice to see everyone getting some runs. Rich wasn’t too impressed. He had to do the score book but 8 is normally a high score for us, not the lowest.

Highlights: Chip 78*, Bhups 54,

Fielder of the day : Symo (great day behind the stumps)

Full scorecard :