Announcement from the new Sunday Co-Captains

Greetings guys and gal!

As some of you may already be aware, Ian and I are taking over as co-captains of the Sunday team – we were both keen on the role and as our availability will vary at times during the season (depending on the arrival of a baby in my case and the odd Saturday game), we agreed it would be a good idea to share the captaincy. Dan will be VC and we look forward to him showing us the ropes! Just a couple of initial thoughts:

– While wanting to avoid stating the bleeding obvious, Sundays should (and will!) be about 11 mates getting together and enjoying a game of cricket and perhaps a drink or two after. If this happens, getting 11 eager players out every week (or so) will take care of itself but…

– …we need everyone’s help on and off the field in making Sunday cricket a success so please take it upon yourselves to help us wherever you can. The main reason I volunteered (and Ian shares my view) is because we have a great group of people who we know we can rely on and want the club to do well!
With that slightly soppy (but sincere!) intro out of the way, can we have a one-liner from everyone just letting us know your general availability for Sundays please? Fixtures will be finalised/published soon but it would be helpful to know who we c/should consider as regulars (i.e. playing the majority of games) and those that will only play occasionally. At this stage it looks like we’ll have about 13 games running from 7 May to around the end of August.
As a heads-up, there’s been talk of tidying up the emaill distribution list so please be sure to respond to either Alex (for Saturdays) or me so we know who will be playing this year and you don’t get dropped off the list



PS remember to get down to nets on Thursdays (and bring someone you know, if you can) – we had a pretty good year last year results wise and it would be great if we could continue to improve!

If you’re looking for a cricket club in Epsom or are in the surrounding area please get in touch!