Saturday Match Reports (League)

Old match report – Park Hill Cricket Club v Reigate Priory (2008 season)

I found this report from a match we played against Reigate Priory over at their ground – I believe that Sam Patel may have actually played in this match… although he was playing for the oppo back then!

It’s ‘Golden’ for Mr. 500!
Taking to the field, after winning another toss, on a pleasant sunny Reigate afternoon the re-shuffled Hill bowling attack made an excellent account of themselves with Ghani and Spelling giving nothing the opposition.

No sooner did both of their opening spells finish and their work was continued by débutante Chris Webber, Symons and Goldsmith A. (who was celebrating his 500th match for the club).

Their combined efforts reduced Reigate Priory to 88-9, before a last wicket revival briefly lifted the home team’s spirits before their innings closed on 127 all out.

All the Park Hill bowlers accounted for themselves with Ghani returning 2 for 17 off his 10, Spelling 1 for 19 off his complete allocation, Webber 2 for 21, Symons 1 for 10, Goldsmith A. accounted for 3 wickets with Clarke providing able supporting.

The Hill thought the hard work was probably done for the day, but in reality it had only just begun, especially after they were reduced to 34-4 after failing to move the sight screen for the lefty bowler (Morris), failing to get enough willow on the widest delivery of the innings (Matthews) and failing to smash the straight one heading for middle stump for 6 (Hunter).

Yet, on comes the man of the hour, mister 500 himself to hit a sublime 53 (Andy Goldsmith in case anyone has already forgotten). In support was Ghani, playing with the maturity, composure and discipline that he rarely remembers to do on most weeks, ending on a very patient 24.

This is when drama from the previous week directly continued providing The Hill with another nail-biting finale.

This week it was the turn of veteran Eddie Andrews to hold his nerve and get The Hill close enough for Symons to enter again, just like a scene from Groundhog Day, and clear their infield for the two runs required.

Hill win again and push even further away from their usual mid-table home.

Tit – definitely Matthews for the most irresponsible shot of his career . . . although Andy got close for getting the match ball (which he was going to be presented with) get smashed for six and lost in some far off garden off his bowling, only to lose the other when he hit a six of his own!

Fielder – Not sure to be honest, I believe it was Matt although Mark was pretty lethal with his shots at the stumps. Any takers?