Annual Reports

Park Hill Cricket Club 2013 Fundraising report by Kevin Matthews

Hi all,

As most of you are aware, I was asked to come back onto the committee this year to provide some additional ideas/viewpoints regarding the running and direction of the club. I’ll briefly report on the progress of each area now:


Why did I prioritise fundraising?

Mainly due to the fact that the club is working from its smallest membership base in as long as I can remember, in addition to which, we are paying ever-increasing pitch fees for our matches. The combination of these two factors, and based on our history of a reducing bank balance at the club, meant that unless we found some sustainable methods to consistently supplement our annual club income, there is a high chance that the club could face a financial crisis within the next few years.

Something I was keen to do from the outset was separate fundraising from social events. In the past, social events have been (ineffectively) used to try and supplement club income. I say ‘ineffectively’ because all it does in inflate the cost of a social event, which in turn reduces how many people attend it. My perspective is that a social event should be put on as cost-effectively as possible, with the objective to foster the club atmosphere and potentially attract new members to the club. Furthermore, I also felt that the previous strategy of combining social and fundraising asked an ever-diminishing pool of players to put their hands in their pocket even more.

So, we needed to find a series of solutions that would stop counter the points mentioned.

What worked / didn’t work?

Toner cartridges – We got lucky this year in so far as Dave Lawn manage to gain control of a huge number of unused toners from his work, which has added several hundreds of pounds to the bank balance. This contribution has surpassed anything I’ve ever seen at the club and I would like to personally recognise, and thank, Dave for his incredible contribution to the club.

We also tried used cartridges, but this was a complete nightmare – the admin and logistics required for the level of return did not add up.

Easysearch – this is an absolute no-brainer. You’ve all received my emails regarding how it works and how you can get involved. Here are the stat’s so far: basically, I’ve already raised about £10 for the club within just a few weeks. So, I’ll easily be able to raise equivalent of my annual sub fee over the course of the year. That’s how easy it is. However, the downside is that there are still only 9 people registered – thank you to those 9, but that is an incredibly low proportion of the club.

Clothing / Shoes – this has worked. It’s simple to manage and I would highly recommend that we continue with this next year. However, (just to follow-on from my comments regarding Easysearch) contributions have only come from a small proportion of the club.

Fund-raising Summary – we have identified simple and sustainable avenues to consistently add to the funds of the club, but there needs to be much more of the club membership contributing to them. If we all contribute to these initiatives it will not only protect the club financially, but will enable us to maintain annual subs and match fees at their current rate – but only if enough people contribute.


Another key achievement this year was for Dan and I to launch the club website. Dan has contributed a huge amount to this project and deserves a big thanks!

We have only just scratched the surface with how we can use the site to promote the club, so please get familiar with it and look at how you can add to the content.

Again, the website takes time to manage, therefore contributions / involvement need to come from additional club members.

Take a look:

Charity Match

This was another fabulous achievement for 2013. I would say that we achieved about 8 / 10 for this, so with a couple of tweaks we should be up for an even better day next year.

Overall Summary / points for consideration

In summary, the club has made a substantial leap forward this year, on and off the pitch. With regards to the areas I have been involved within, my only suggestion is that we need more people (outside of the committee) contributing to the running of the club.

This year there have been too few people trying to do too many jobs and as a result, too many things have been left to the last minute.

I believe that it would be much more effective to break down some of the larger events, like the charity match / dinner etc, into a series of smaller tasks that can be spread throughout the club so that everyone plays a small part.

I believe that if we build upon the progress of this year, we will comfortably achieve even more in 2014.