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Cricket Umpiring – how to umpire & knowing the basics

For a small volunteer-based cricket club, such as Epsom and Ewell Park Hill Cricket Club, it is essential that every member of the club is aware of basic umpiring signals and rules.

Here are some graphics, links, videos and general pointers to help you gain more knowledge on the correct actions and decisions when umpiring a cricket match.

Firstly, I saw this simple image that gives you all the key signals you are required to know when you are signalling to the scorers:

cricket umpire signalsThe next piece of information I found was on the Honolulu Cricket Club website – I appreciate that these guys are not in the Surrey League, but they do have a great infographic to help you make some common umpiring decisions:

Cricket umpire rules and decisionsThis video demonstrates all the essential umpiring signals that you’ll probably need throughout a cricket innings: