Park Hill announce new partnership with Kalibazar

Park Hill Announce partnership with Kalibazar

Park Hill Cricket Club is pleased to announce the partnership with Kalibazar to provide its cricket teamwear and club clothing via their online shop platform. The shop is open all year round and any orders will usually be delivered within a week. Kalibazar have a strong pedigree in the cricket team wear and clothing market and service over 240 clubs and 4 counties and we at Park Hill Cricket Club are looking forward to a long and successful partnership. The link to the club shop can be seen here or visit the club shop page on our website

Park Hill BannerIn order to celebrate this new partnership we are doing a special deal. If you pay £50 Annual subs before the 17th April we will give you a voucher for a brand new playing shirt! If you would like to take part in this deal please make sure you pay your annual subs before ordering anything as you will save on the P&P Costs

Park Hill Subs and Fees -2014

*The voucher code may not be live by the time you pay your £50 but your name will be noted down ready for when it is