How to play cricket

9 a side cricket match rules

For the Park Hill Club Day, which will take the form of a 9 a side tournament, the following 9 a side cricket match rules will be applied:

NOTE: All players must be conversant with the rules of the competition as set out in the League handbook and reproduced below.

  • 5 x 8 ball overs
  • One over per bowler
  • Bowler’s run-up limited to 12 yards – offence will be a No Ball
  • Batsmen must be padded-up and ready at fall of wicket
  • The 4 players who do not bowl have to be the first 4 in the batting order, wicketkeeper batting at 5
  • Batsmen retire on reaching 25 but can return if all other wickets fall
  • No balls and wides = 3 runs and no extra ball in overs 1–4
  • 5th over no balls and wides = 3 runs with extra balls bowled
  • If teams are tied on runs the team losing fewer wickets will be the winner. If wickets lost are the same the game will be tied
  • Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 2 for a tie and 0 for a loss. If teams are tied in the group stage the team winning the head-to-head game will be placed higher. If there is a three-way tie teams will be placed
    in run-rate order.