News, Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

Sunday XI Vs Gully Cricketers CC

With last weeks miss match still fresh in our minds there was an air of tension in the Park Hill Sunday ranks with the new opposition of Gully Cricketers CC being an unknown force. My first job as captain went well as I won the toss and put them in. I opened up with lawny… Continue reading Sunday XI Vs Gully Cricketers CC

News, Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

T20 Match report – May 2015

Another old report for your reading pleasure Last night we had the annual T20 against Old Californians.  It’s a game we feel we should, but often don’t, win. Things began well.  I lost the toss and we only had 8 men, one of whom hadn’t played cricket for ten years.  The oppo chose to bat… Continue reading T20 Match report – May 2015

Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

Sunday match report – 1st September 2015

An old match report for you all to enjoy This weekend we took on Deando, in what is very much the Auld Firm of Ewell based Sunday friendly cricket. The team had been rocked by the late withdrawal of skipper Dan with a suspiciously swollen index finger (I think he'd been in the Swan the… Continue reading Sunday match report – 1st September 2015