Park Hill President

Dave Goldsmith steps down as Park Hill president

Dear Hillians,

As you may or may not know our President, Dave Goldsmith has decided to step down from the role after 27 years at the helm.

During this time he saw us enter a league side, witnessed a huge change in personnel over the years and partook in more events than anyone could appreciate to ensure there was a club for us to play cricket for. Dave’s association with the club goes back even further into his playing days and I’m sure some on the list will have been fortunate enough to have played with him. The rest, like myself, are more likely to have been given out by him…or watched his head being shaken disapprovingly at yet another windy waft outside off stump.

It would be no exaggeration to state that without Dave’s input over the years there would be no Park Hill. We owe a huge part of our enjoyment every summer weekend to him and I hope everyone will join me in thanking ‘Pres’ (as he’ll always be known) for his massive contribution to our club.

Dave will still remain in regular contact with the club (I hope!), retaining an honourary title and I sincerely hope he’ll be down to watch some games next season. He’s also retaining his position as our Fixture Secretary for next season.

Kevin Matthews will succeed Dave as President and, although they’re big shoes to fill, Kev is certainly the right man for the job and we all wish Kev the best of luck!

Thanks for everything, Dave!

Park Hill CC