Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

Sunday XI Vs Ewhurst

Park Hill Cricket Club win their 1st T20 test match against Ewhurst Cricket Club

Hi everybody. This past Sunday we played Ewhurst Cricket Club over at their lovely ground. We arrived like it was any other game, just hovering around the clubhouse when their skipper came over to speak to captain Chris. In a weird turn of events their skipper asked if we fancied playing a T20 test match because it was their last game of the season and they fancied having some fun. Chris was obviously stumped by this because he decided to call bat first instead of heads or tails while the coin was in the air! This was his second collapse nomination of the day after leaving his kit on his drive way and making Clare drive him back to get it.

Chris kit
Chris’s kit

The opposition found this so funny they agreed to let us bat first so the Major and T20 power hitter Matt Eades padded up and went it. The odd couple seemed to gel really well with Eades scampering singles and major using all his “Power” to hit over the top to take advantage of the small boundaries. Eventually major got a well-deserved 50 before retiring with the thought processing being that if he declares on 50 then all their good batsman will have to as well!

Next man in was Elliot who was trying to find some form after some small scores in recent weeks. The oppo must have been watching their video tapes because they brought on a left armer who after bowling 3 wides in a row surprised El with a straight one and cleaning him up for just 7. Ade Forrest was the next man to walk to the crease with the oppo quivering in their spikes that the ground wasn’t big enough for this beast! After blocking out the first 2 balls Ade decided to up the rate by getting a boundary and a couple of singles to take him to double figures before being bowled for 11.

Chris then came to the crease looking to up the rate with Eadesy still doing his job at the other end. The partnership was a good one but unfortunately nobody wrote it in the scorebook so I can’t tell you what it was. All I know was Eades got bowled by their skipper for 31 and Chris went on to get 38 including 3 sixes and 3 fours before being caught going big on the last ball. Andy was at the other end picking up a 4 n.o. off 5 balls and left us with 165-4 off our first 20 overs.

Their 1ST innings started with the returning Tom Barford opening the attack. It had been a while since he last bowled a cricket ball so imagine how happy he was when he learnt we were leg side wides! After the umpire had to stretch his arms out a few times Tom finally got his line right and picked up the first wicket lbw.

Joel was bowling at the other end and decided to aim for a certain private area on the batsman rather than the stumps with success! He bowled his 4 overs straight through going for only 12 runs and getting one wicket with safe hands James Rumsey catching the ball like it was a precious can of red stripe.

Tom picked up another wicket with symbols McInnes finally catching one behind the stumps which left everyone stumped… and left Tom with 2-25 off his 3 overs. First change bowler was Clare who bowled her 4 overs for 27 runs. Probably the most noteworthy point of her spell was she managed to add 2 more people to the injured list. Firstly Chris was left with a swollen and wonky thumb after dropping a skier and then I was left with something swollen and wonky after the ball came towards where I was sitting and took an awkward bounce to hit me between the legs.

Next up was the Saturday metronome Ian who was quite expensive for a man with his league stats going for 34 runs off his 3 overs yet he still managed to pick up 2 wickets. With a little kid padding up on the side-lines Chris did what all good Sunday captains should do and brought himself on ready to take a wicket. He ended up getting two wickets including batsman number 6 who managed to get 41. Elliot only bowled 1 over for 17 runs after get smashed back over his head a couple of times and I’m sure Ron also had a bowl but there is no mention of him in the scorebook?!?

Eventually Ewhurst ended up on 160-7 off their 20 overs to leave us with a 5 run lead going into the tea break. I must say this was my favourite tea of the year as they had pizza and mini kievs! If by some miracle the tea lady reads this thank you so much for your efforts and I hope you will be back next year. With the light drawing in fast the captains decided that the second innings would be a max of 15 overs.

The batting line up changed a bit for the second innings with Andy Clarke and Clare opening up. The fans weren’t too sure what Clare had done to deserve opening but it was because she bribed the director of cricket with her homemade brownies and I couldn’t say no!

It wasn’t quite the same blistering start we had in the first innings as Andy got out for a quacker while Clare only managed to get 5. In at 3 was Joel who wanted to show what he can do up the order and managed to hit 2 boundaries before being bowled for 12. Ian went in at 4 and only got 1 run before being caught which brought in Sunday bully Chris to steady the ship. He hit his first 3 balls for 4’s but got greedy eventually being caught for 12 at a pretty bad time in the game.

Tom Barford went in at 6 after he cleaned up the nosebleed he had when realising where he was in the batting order. He hit 2 boundaries for a quick fire 10 before being bowled and left us in a precarious position of 40-6.

The next partnership was vital and we had the very in form major at one end and the very out of form Elliot at the other. They had a good start with Elliot getting a boundary off only his 3rd ball but it was when he managed to top edge one into his own head that everything started to click. With some nice stroke play and bludgeoning we managed to get up to 103-6 off our overs. Major ended up on 15 n.o while Elliot got 34 n.o. including 6 boundaries.

With Ewhurst chasing 109 to win Ron opened the bowling with a really tight 2 overs for only 11 runs before deciding the journey back from the Bahamas had taken it out of him and he wanted a sit down. Our first wicket came from a run out by Chris Webber but it was the bowling of Ian that did the early damage. He was back to his bowling best by picking up 4 wickets in his 3 overs for 20 runs.

Danger man batsman number 6 came back in and hit a few boundaries before Elliot came on and had him caught behind by Andy Clarke. Yes you read that right; Andy kept and took a catch! While the wickets were falling Ewhurst were still up with the rate so we needed someone to slow it down. Chris threw the ball to Clare who bowled really well in her 3 overs only going for 9 runs and picking up the wicket of their last real batsman. She still managed to injure someone though when Elliot went to field the ball at point with a dive and got hit right on his forehead to leave him with a Harry Potter scar.

That was the second bump he had taken on the noggin in the game and people were worried his head was starting to swell but fortunately it was just the Ransom family trait of having a big head!

With only 1 wicket remaining and it almost being pitch black Chris and Joel bowled the last 2 overs with their short run up but it was a run out by Elliot that picked up the wicket and left us with a 28 run win!

It’s our first win against Ewhurst so congratulations all round. I would put the scorecard on play-cricket but it is a bit too messed up at the minute but hopefully we can sort it out before the end of the season. I think most people enjoyed the format of the game and it is definitely something to think about on tour.

We only have 2 games left of the season so hopefully we can finish the season strongly after this good win!

Up the Hill!