Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

Sunday XI Vs Cheam CC Home

Hi Everybody!
The Sunday side couldn’t change their luck this week as we lost by 50 runs toeventual opponents Cheam CC.After original opponents West One CC pulled out on Thursday night and with only 8 players it was looking bleak but luckily the captain of West One offered his services alongside one of his players so we found Cheam through thefixturelist page.
The day could of probably started better for captain Chris as he made the mistake of going for drinks with yours truly. After a bleary trip to the ground he went out and lost the toss which with the weather being so nice only meant one thing. We were put in to bowl! Chris’s start went from bad to worse as he pulled himself out of the attack after one over due to “lactic acid”. At the other end Symo bowled as well as I had seen him all season picking up 3 wickets but he did throw in a couple of wides just to put the drug testers off. Clare started well and picked up an early wicket after replacing her brother but tired towards the end after being made to bowl her 8 overs straight through in the burning sun. Meanwhile her south African cousin and west one bowler Graeme Webber started poorly but really improved as he went on. Elliot grabbed himself a wicket with a Kodak catch off his own bowling but got out bowled by the club’s premier spinner Andy Clarke who got a wicket in his one over. The captain also got a wicket as he decided he couldn’t trust anyone else to bowl so got through a couple of overs of darts!
In the end I believe they got close to 180 all out. I don’t have the score book so will have to confirm when Chris finally learns how to use play-cricket… As a team we fielded really well, Symo snr took his first catch for the club, Elliot won fielder of the day for his catch but the real hero was Nick Blake. I won’t name the bowler because it’s a bit harsh but let’s just say she bowled a rank half tracker which the batsman swotted away believing it was 4 the moment he hit it. He didn’t account for Nick though who stuck his hand out with the reactions of a cat to stop it. Only problem was he caught his little finger between the ball and his leg which caused it to split open. He went straight to hospital and the latest update I have is he did break his finger and stayed overnight in hospital so he can have plastic surgery this morning. I’m sure you are reading this on your iPhone mate so just wanted to let you know that we wish you all the best and don’t try and get any additional extras chucked in from the plastic surgeon!
In reply we batted the only way we know how with a massive collapse. Elliot and Adam Woodcock got out for single figures while Adam for West One had a dash and picked up a couple of 4’s before departing. Ade opened his account in the duck cup with an unlucky roll of the ball back on to the stumps and Symo got caught behind for 1 before having a massive trough. He calmed down a bit after stealing Clare’s hat and sunglasses and I must say he looked rather fetching. Anyway at 50-5 it was looking rather bleak before captain Chris and Andy Clarke started a revival. They had a nice partnership going on until Chris wanted a regulation single for most people but Andy was caught on his heels and got ran out for 24(Yes we all know the joke). Still at least he took it well by shouting at Chris as he walked off back to his chair which for some reason was in the bushes. I still had great hopes of a victory though as Symo Snr stepped out to bat but he strolled back to his chair as quickly as he walked out to the middle with a duck for his troubles. I still had great hopes of a victory though as Clare stepped out to bat but she strolled back to her chair as quickly as she walked out to the middle with a duck for her troubles. To be honest I had lost hope by then but Graeme came in and supported Chris well to keep Cheam out there for a bit longer than they were expecting. The two of them made the score respectable before Graeme got out missing a straight ball with a massive Wahoo leaving Chris stranded on 49*. Don’t worry though as he will still be done for jug avoidance.
In the end we may have lost the game quite comfortably but in reality I think we won the game of life as everyone seemed happy after the game and stayed for a drink while the oppo legged it. I would like to send my thanks again to everyone who played and especially to Symo snr for stepping in last minute to make sure we had 11 and for buying a jug for your catch!