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Crossbats v Park Hill 21 May

Surrounded by the well-groomed flora and abundant fauna of Marble Hill Park in Twickenham, lies a small strip of artificial “turf” approximately 22 yards long and 3.3 yards wide. It was on this strip that Crossbats beat Park Hill by 124 runs in a 35 over clash.

Skipper KP lost the toss and Crossbats bravely elected to face Hill’s fierce bowlers. Barry “Baz” Smith and Nick “Blakey” Blake were handed the ball. Smith was typically accurate and miserly, while Blake was more free flowing and generous, going for 24 from 3 overs before being replaced by Jeavons. Decision vindicated, Jeavons bowled the first maiden of the innings. But while the run rate slowed, neither bowler found the breakthrough. In fact, that wouldn’t come until the 28th over when Blakey juggled and held on to a loopy one off Prem’s smart bowling, dismissing the opener for 62. By this time though, KP had also bowled competently but without any luck on the artificially flat track, and both openers surpassed 50. KP’s breakthrough for the 2nd wicket wouldn’t come until over 33, during his second spell – a swift stumping by Chirag dismissing the other opener for 86.

Sadly, captain KP missed the poetic opportunity to bowl Bawn from one end and Lawn from the other, though they did both get their turn. Unfortunately, it was late on and the run rate had increased as the “tail” (3 and 4) started hitting out. During this time, Jeavons became grumpy, wanting an early finish, and was challenged to find something joyful among the pleasant setting of the well-tended park. This would come later, but first, Park Hill had to bat.

Chirag and Radcox opened and started well, negotiating a combination of pace and spin to put on 37 before falling in the 17th and 18th overs respectively. “Resilient but slow scoring” would typify Hill’s innings, although Lush swung the bat for a quick 10 before an equally quick departure. But the tail wagged, with Blakey and KP scoring well, before Smith and Bawn both hung on to be not out. The victory was out of sight long before, but not being bowled out was a mini victory for Hill in what turned out to be an otherwise one-sided encounter.

A notable mention goes to Jeavons who, while appearing “disappointed” to be given out LBW by Chris K, refrained from making a scene and trudged off after accepting the decision with good grace. Chris was his lift home after all.

Jeavons’ moment of joy? A bowl of chips courtesy of Chris in the pub afterward. I saw his smile as he dunked a chip into ketchup, and all was well.

Up the Hill!

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Report: Stu

Pictures: David Lawn