Park Hill – New Player Promotion

Park Hill Cricket Club are excited to announce the launch of the new “Youth membership offer”

What does this mean? Well if you are under the age of 21 and join the club you will only have to pay £5 match fees while annual membership for the year is £0! Yes first year is free. Compared to some of the clubs in the local area you could be saving 3 figures.

If you are someone who wants to play but that little bit older, don’t fret! Our annual subs are £50 with match fees of £10. Still one of the cheapest teams in the county.

This offer is only open for a limited amount of time so please contact as soon as possible. While we take players of all ages please be aware we are an adult cricket team so play against teams that are over the age of 18

To find out more just Contact Us and let us know you’ve seen the promotion

Look forward to seeing you soon!

The Youth membership offer only applies for the player’s first season with the club. After that normal fees will apply