Sunday Match Reports (Friendly)

Sunday match report – 1st September 2015

An old match report for you all to enjoy

This weekend we took on Deando, in what is very much the Auld Firm of Ewell based Sunday friendly cricket.

The team had been rocked by the late withdrawal of skipper Dan with a suspiciously swollen index finger (I think he’d been in the Swan the night before), meaning the other Just-for-Men model had to step forward and ‘lead’ the team.  Things began as always by losing the toss and being put into bat in very overcast, bowler friendly conditions.

Goldsbrough and Bhupesh opened up.  The former using the full array of the only two shots he has in the locker to move quickly to 34 as 50 was reached without loss.  At this stage Bhupesh was more Dravid than Tendulkar, clearly playing the long game.  The skipper went soon after, quickly followed by Radcox.  Up stepped D Symons.  Having not been on the lash the night before he was full of vim and, lo, a partnership was born.  Both played well, and patiently, rotating the strike and waiting for the bad balls.  They were to eventually put on 104 as the score edged past 150.  Bhupesh was finally beaten on 81 and Symons was run out for an excellent 39.  Bhups innings was a model in patient batting, getting his eye in before accelerating at the right time.

Short cameos from Lush, Powell and Blake followed as we set them a total of 185 to win.

With the skies darkening and the bar in our minds, we set out to bowl.  Jeavons and Lawn opened up.  Jeavons hit the spot straight away, as is his reputation.  Lawny, who hadn’t bowled for 6 weeks, bowled his first over like a man who hadn’t  bowled for 6 years, but quickly settled down into his line and length.  The two Deando openers were starting to settle however and were soon 40 without loss.  We needed a break, a piece of skill that could turn the game, a moment of inspiration.  Who could provide this?

Nick Blake of course.  Fielding at square leg, his quick thinking and side-of-the-stumps throw brought us a great run out and turned the game in our favour.  The Deando batsmen came in, tried to throw the bat, and went having been undone by the Jeavons/Lawn partnership.  Ian finished up with an outstanding 3-17 and Lawny with 1-40.

We then turned to our formidable first change partnership of Worrell and KP to finish the job.  K ‘wickets’ P, did his usual mix and ripped through the middle order ending up with 3-29, ably supported by Worrell who deserved much more than his 1-27.  Both bowlers were both supported and hindered by some mixed catching.  We took some good catches but dropped as many.

At 90-9 the game felt won.  We were on the beach, lying on our deckchairs, sipping on a pina colada, reading Grazia, listening to Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince sing ‘Summertime’.  The skipper was so relaxed his hair was regaining its natural colour.

Enter Malik.  The man, the legend.  Every year he pops up to destroy our hopes and tear our dreams to shreds.  (It’s rumoured he even taught Adam Williams to bowl, although this is something he flatly denies for obvious reasons).

With one wicket to get he slowly began the Deando fightback.  Dealing mainly in big boundaries and keeping the strike well, he edged the score up.  The skipper, his hair turning ever more Alan Pardew, tried different bowlers and slowly started to lose his sh1t as all of a sudden they needed 30 off five overs.  Bhupesh came into the attack and was immediately asked to slow down due to the light.  Malik, claiming he couldn’t see it, reached a great 50 with consummate ease.  Eventually though we got our chance.  Malik skied one to long off where Symons (taking care to put his beer down first) took a great catch.  The game was finally won as Deando were all out for 149.

It was great to get the win after the huge disappointment of not beating Charing X two weeks ago.  It was also good that everyone in the XI played their part in the win.  We’ve seen some dark things in this Sunday team this season (a few of us still have nightmares about Thames Ditton) so it’s good to finish the season in good form and competing in games.

All the stats here:
Fielder of the day: Nick Blake.