2014 League Rules

Additional league rules for the 2014 season

Hello everyone

Martin Williams went to our league AGM last night and noted down the following points which will affect our season

  • Only 5 sides entered the 9-a-side competition so the tournament is cancelled
  • As requested start times have been adjusted to 13:00 during the summer and 12:30 when it starts to get darker. Games can be played as early as 10am if both teams are in agreement
  • In line with Premier and Division 1 sides, to speed up the game and ensure an early finish all 45 overs must be completed within 3 hours. Captains discretion will be needed for lost balls and injuries etc but in general it is felt that most should be able to complete 45 overs in 2 hours 45.
  • For a seasons experiment any leg side delivery that passes the batsman’s leg and stump will be deemed a wide. If a batsman moves to deliberately force a wide it will be judged a wide if the ball passes the leg stump not where the batsman is standing.
  • Tea will remain 30 minutes long