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Mid Season Cricket Club Stats from Nick Williams

Here is a recent update from Park Hill Cricket Club, based in Epsom and Ewell,

Saturday Captain Nick Williams:


Being a bit too keen perhaps, I have been perusing the cricket club stats and thought it I would remind everyone of the mid season stats. With a minimum of 10 surrey cricket league games left and 12 Sunday games, these stats look promising in what could be a decent year for Park Hill. (Esp given past seasons!)


In the run scoring charts it looks as follows (*includes this weekends runs and charity match):

  1. E Ransom-348 runs
  2. N Williams-255 runs
  3. A Williams-205 runs
  4. Chris Webber-183 runs
  5. Dave Symons-150 runs
  6. Prem-135 runs

And the ball slingers…..

  1. KP-16 wickets
  2. E Ransom-14 wickets
  3. Joel-11 wickets
  4. Phil-10 wickets
  5. Lawn-9 wickets

I thought this could be a good mid season reminder for everyone that there is a long way to go before the end of the season and that the player of the year trophies are wide open right now! come the end of the year I fully expect the batsman to be pushing 7-800 runs and the bowlers to be pushing 30 wickets+.

Come on!

On another note-the Inaugural 9-aside tournament is being held of 11th August this year and will be a battle to the death. If you want involving, then keep it free.

Its part of the league cup format this year and will be top notch so let’s have as stronger side as possible!